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Raise your glass to that new Dawn. by BladeofAngels Raise your glass to that new Dawn. :iconbladeofangels:BladeofAngels 11 7 Me and mi amigo. by BladeofAngels Me and mi amigo. :iconbladeofangels:BladeofAngels 0 6 Etxbmx by BladeofAngels Etxbmx :iconbladeofangels:BladeofAngels 0 4 Lone Star State. by BladeofAngels Lone Star State. :iconbladeofangels:BladeofAngels 3 1 My forest. by BladeofAngels My forest. :iconbladeofangels:BladeofAngels 9 5 Winter Sunset. by BladeofAngels Winter Sunset. :iconbladeofangels:BladeofAngels 13 8 A view from my roof. by BladeofAngels A view from my roof. :iconbladeofangels:BladeofAngels 2 9 A view from my forest. by BladeofAngels A view from my forest. :iconbladeofangels:BladeofAngels 3 7
Childhood memories.
As a child, I remember being into angels and dragons at an early age
I remember learning to play "link to the past" nearly before i was in kindergarten
The things that i remember are all very interesting when placed together
For instance, The only real thing that matters to me in my memories
Is not the trauma, Which would be what normally people say scar you
The things that stuck with me, Were the noble aspects of everything
The love felt by friends when someone is in trouble
The sense of Good versus evil, The beauty of standing on a mountain
To look over and see a glistening forest full of adventure at the bottom
Most would think that this type of thought is lost when you grow up
I've found it to be the opposite, It went away whenever only once
And that was when i tried to become an adult, And fit in with the world
It was only when i became a child again that i realized that children
Are truly more mature than adults when it comes to what stays in thought
An adult worries incredibly t
:iconbladeofangels:BladeofAngels 0 6
Shadows of light.
The Sun, Moon, And Stars:
All three cast shadows.
All three shine bright.
All three give light.
All three work together.
All three break darkness.
All three light paths.
All three are limitless.
The sun, Moon, And Stars:
All three are hated.
All three are loved.
All three are looming high above.
Out of the three, one is cold.
Out of the three, one is bold.
Out of the three, one breaks all molds.
The Sun, Moon, And Stars...
Just as days of old.
:iconbladeofangels:BladeofAngels 0 0
The Nature of Nature.
Winds: Strong as a thousand gusts.
Light: Bright as a thousand fires.
Rocks: Pretty as a thousand gems.
Water: Cold as a thousand snows.
Trees: Taller than the highest mountains.
Magma: Hotter than the lowest depths.
Stone: Denser than the heaviest planets.
Space: Darker than the oceans bottom.
Angels: Wiser than the elements combined.
Eagles: Confident in their ways.
Beasts: Stranger than all other life.
Humans: At the mercy of a thousand elements.
Father: Loves, Commands, And created all.
:iconbladeofangels:BladeofAngels 0 3
Bright Mistress. by BladeofAngels Bright Mistress. :iconbladeofangels:BladeofAngels 16 19
In my mind's eye.
For those who have ever wondered:
What is a vision?
How does God send visions?
Why if i think I've seen one do people call me insane?
A: A vision is simply a message that is given to you through imagery.
As Dc talk once put it:
"It's in my mind's eye, I see your face, You smile as you show me grace."
B: He is a very mysterious God
And visions are simply one form of communication.
If he wants to show you something
And knows that visuals will affect you in a certain way
Then he will send a vision.
C: Because to the world and it's religions.
God lives in a box, And he is as a puppet to them.
In a world where God is limited
The idea of God communicating with you is outlandish and heretical
:iconbladeofangels:BladeofAngels 1 0
love of the unseen.
Some say that because i cannot see what i speak to, That i am crazy.
Some say that because i cannot see what i love, That i am a fool.
Why then, As a child did you make imaginary friends and speak to them?
For it is written the children of God will inherit the kingdom.
It's not saying literal children will.
But saying you must become as a child in order to be apart of the kingdom.
So think of it like this
When you were a child how did you talk to your imaginary friend?
That is how True prayer is conducted.
God speaks to you as a voice, unseen.
But that is because you must have faith.
"I see the effects of the wind, But I've never seen the wind. There is a mystery to it"
Thus is as God. The mystery is always there...
But that is what makes prayer so much more than simply talking.
:iconbladeofangels:BladeofAngels 0 0
The Truth, And the lie.
Thus says the church:
You are ever wrong! You are ever wrong!
God works like this see?
Do you see this God of ours?
Some of us even can get his help!
But you have to give 10%
And you have to come every Sunday.
He will solve all your problems!
But only if you love your neighbor.
And follow all his commands.
And if you do not.
Hell is where you will dwell.
See our magnificent God?
He is ours alone.
Thus says the Lord:
Speak to me children
And i will show myself
And teach you the wonders of heaven
And the love of Christ
All you must do for this
Is speak, And listen
And all who do this and know me
Are truly my children
:iconbladeofangels:BladeofAngels 0 0
The Curse of the Magi
An aliment that no doctors can name
Neither ancient, Nor modern
It is what happens when your spirituality, mentality, or emotions, effects your physical body.
Intense pain, Pain unknown to everyone. It is not normal pain, So only few chemicals can treat it.
All who have it call it a curse, Some who have it call it a blessing and a curse.
For understanding comes out of pain, And Love comes out of pain.
If a man is in pain, and is an angry and selfish man after a year of it, He is either a fool, Or is not in enough pain.
Pain that stretches from inside the bones to the outer layer of skin, And includes all in between.
It causes you to lose your mind at times, you begin to shake violently. Some even begin to sweat, And faint.
All those things have happened to both me and my earthly father.
They call it "Chronic fatigue syndrome"
Mine: I don't even ponder where it came from. God uses it to do amazing thing, Thats all that matters to me.
My fathers: A year in Iraq as a chaplain in Mosul wit
:iconbladeofangels:BladeofAngels 2 5

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Howdy yo :wave:

Figured I'd finally get around to posting some of my older photography that was never shown.
So I'll post a few for you to enjoy over the next few days.

And who knows. Maybe if I feel up to it I'll take and edit some newer stuff. We'll see :floating:

Though, For now I'm off to lay in my hammock and watch the sunrise. :sun:

Take care guys.
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